The Junior School

For children aged 6 years – 12 years

Classes begin September 9th 2019

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It’s about fun first!

All of our classes for the 6 and over crowd are month to month and we accept registrations all year long. This allows your child to get comfortable enough with a discipline to know if it’s for them or not without a major commitment or cost. Of course you can always take a trial class first to be super sure.

Also… School play, karate and Grandma’s birthday this week? We’re parents too. We get that sometimes something’s gotta give and this week it’s show choir. No problem, just take any other age appropriate class that we offer to make up for it.

What will my child learn?
At this age children shift from the younger, play based approach to learning into the skills based approach. Your child will develop new creative, emotional and kinetic pathways in the brain through repetitive movements, dramatic exploration and positive, encouraging classroom culture. (So they’re gonna learn a lot and have fun doing it!)

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We offer classes for every age group so all your kids can do their favourite activities! #parentingwin!

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And if you just need a little more information on any of our classes, feel free to reach out to us with any questions!